About DogCare (tiny app)

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DogCare is the tiny application in order to manage the care status of your lovely dogs.

It designates that physical condition of your lovely dog is brought close to best state by managing the information below.

- The information regarding the hospital like the injection, medicine of the filaria.
- The information regarding the beauty care like shampoo, cut.
- Change of weight.
- Whisper of your lovely dogs.


Category: Utilities
Released: Mar 21, 2010
Updated: Apr 29, 2010
Version: 1.2.0
size: 0.5 MB
Languages: English, Japanese
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.


What's New in Version 1.2.0

  • Add Application setting function.
  • You can edit User Defined Classification.(Hospital/Beauty)

  • Bug Fix about inputing date.
  • 1. Problem (wrong date has just added) have just fixed.
    2. Problem (DatePicker suddenly turn over) have just fixed.

What's New in Version 1.1.0

  • Add dog's whisper to Resume.
  • (Dog's whisper will appear randomize on Resume if you set "Random switch" in Profile View.)

  • Add Alarm Icon to Dog List View.


How to use DogCare

Features and Operation

Function 1: Dog profile configuration

- Basic information about your lovely dog like name, address, gender.
- Photograph of your lovely dog.
- Frequency period of hospital/Beauty


1. Select your lovery dog.
(Press the blanks when you use DogCare first time, though there is the blanks.)

2. Press 'Edit' button to edit your lovely dog's data
(Press ' + (plus)' button if you use DogCare firt time.)

3. Input the information below

  − Basic information

      Input your dog's information.
      You can use photograph in iPhone/iPod photo library as your dog's image to press 'select' button.
      (photograph is copied to DogCare system directory.)

  − Hospital/Beauty setup

      Input days, month-from, month-to. (Frequency period)
      Resume will changes besed on these data.
      'next' and 'alarm-icon' doesn't display on Resume, if you have enterd 'days' to '0'.

Function 2: Register and view the information about dog care.

- Hospital and Beauty
- Weight
- Whisper of your lovely dog.


1. select menu to input your lovely dog's care data
(Move to Hospital/Beauty, Weight, Whisper)
2. Operations of 'Hospita/Beauty', 'Weight' and 'Whiper' are same.

- You can see the list of past data when select 'View/Delete' menu.
(Detail data appear whe you tapped row.)

- Press 'Add' butoon to register data.
(can't modify data once input. delete it and input again, if you modify data.)


Function 3: Resume of your lovely dog.

- Display of the previous execution day, next execution date regarding hospital/Beauty.
- Display of weight register log of up-to-date 3 batches.


1. Select 'Resume' menu and Resume will appear.

2. You can see the information below on Resume.

− Basic information and whisper of your lovely dog.

− Hospital/Beauty data
-> last date, next date and alarm icon

How to see alarm icon

NG icon -> Past to next date
Alart icon -> under 7 days to next date
OK icon -> over 7 days to next date
no icon -> you enterd 'days' to '0' or there are no input data.

- weight register log of up-to-date 3 batches.

Function 4: Support many-headed raising

- Managing the information of your lovely dogs.


1. Press 'Edit' button to edit your lovely dog's data
(You can add dog to press ' + (plus)' button.

DogCare can manage the information of your lovely dogs

You can delete your dog's data to press 'delete' icon.
All data include image will be deleted to press 'delete' icon.